Thursday, June 14, 2012

Latest Mobile Phones - Android and windows changing the concept of mobile phones!!

If you notice the latest features in a mobile phones a lot of changes has been made to the advancement in technology. Only one operating system was there in the latest mobile phones named as Symbian, only one browsing plate form named as EDGE. Problems like slow speed of internet, call drop , message delivery failure were routine for a normal mobile user. 

When advance technology came in the mobile phone deals industry, the phenomenon of a normal mobile has changed completely. cheap mobile phone deals  are not just a mobile but almost a computer like device. When technology added in the mobile phones cost became more and more higher and unapproachable for a common man. The introduction of mobile phone deals made it simpler to buy a latest handset. So you can say its not just a luxurious gadget, it’s a necessity for all. PAYG is considered as best  mobile phone deals  due to the affordability matter.

 Now if we talk about the latest handsets Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG Optimus, Blackberry, Nokia Lumia and Motorola are key players in the mobile phone industry and available as SIM Free Phones. Android is the best OS in such devices and Windows OS is integrated in Nokia mobile phones. Sim only deals are made for those who want to use freely their mobile phones and want to change their network frequently. Galaxy S3 has the mind blowing response these days. pay as you go phones are most popular among those who don’t want to bother about any monthly bills.

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